The decision to volunteer is a very personal choice. Volunteer work is done freely by choice and out of interest. It is at the very heart of our mission. Without it, it would be difficult, even impossible to provide our services. From the point of view of the community, it's considered to be a factor contributing to social development.

Becoming a volunteer worker in our organization

There is no age limit on becoming a volunteer. It is important that potential volunteers be familiar with our organization to facilitate their involvement based on their specific interests thus enhancing their commitment.

Anyone wishing to become a volunteer worker will be interviewed by the person in charge of volunteers, who will review the admission process step by step. This consists of opening a file, choosing a specific area of work based on the person's interests and availability, a written commitment to respect our policies and regulations, and finally, the filtering required due to the vulnerability and fragility of our beneficiaries. The candidate must provide references and agree to a criminal record check by the Québec Provincial Police.

If you believe in our mission and have some free time, it will be our pleasure to meet you. We guarantee to listen carefully and provide professional support and an energizing challenge. If you are interested, please call 819-879-6333 or complete the attached form. >

Guide d'accueil des bénévoles (french version only)